Thursday, September 10, 2015

Massive FREE collection of Assets for you Unreal 4 devs out there

As you probably know by now, our engine of choice is Unity (did you know it's just Unity, and not Unity3d like so many people out there tend to call it?). But I just had to mention about this asset that just became available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. It's a massive asset set for Infinity Blade, you know, that awesome mobile 3d game? Check it out:

The image above obviously doesn't include stuff like sounds and effects.

Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE? DAMN!

Here's a snippet from the blog post over on the Unreal site:

You’re probably wondering what all is included for the production budget to amount to millions of dollars in content. It’s enough to make an awesome game! Here’s the TLDR on the 7,600 assets shipping in eight packs (all characters are compatible with our standard skeleton):

  • Infinity Blade: Grass Lands is the earthy citadel adorned with stone set pieces and beautiful props.
  • Infinity Blade: Ice Lands is the wintery fort set deep within a glacial enclave.
  • Infinity Blade: Fire Lands is the radiant castle interior laced with unforgiving paths, dramatic props and flowing lava.
  • Infinity Blade: Warriors includes loads of assets for crafting fierce heroes.
  • Infinity Blade: Adversaries has even more content for a making wide variety of rivals.
  • Infinity Blade: Effects gives you visual effects ranging from fire and smoke to lightning and magical reactions.
  • Infinity Blade: Sounds includes thousands of raw audio files and sound cues. 
  • Infinity Blade: Weapons presents a vast array of melee weaponry, including never-before-seen swords and axes and also a few Infinity Blade fan favorites.
That is a super cool set of assets for your game if you're an Unreal guy or gal, so check it out here:

And here are links to the individual assets:
Let's all give a massive thanks to the developers of Infinity Blade for being so generous! And have fun making cool stuff with these awesome assets!

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